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Customize folders icons in perpetual mode (FolderICO)

I already made a post to customize folders in perpetual mode, ie folders keep the customization of icons even they moving and change location because Windows is a nuisance because he uses absolute paths, and if we talk about flash drives or external hard drives… ahem.

As result of consultation from a follower to customize a large amount of folders in a less tedious way I found a program that does exactly the same: perpetual icon, using relative path in desktop.ini and the icon used as hidden file.
FolderICO icon
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Customizing Windows. Libraries icons

Libraries are an important part of Windows Explorer as you access them quickly to our documents, pictures, etc., classifying our files and differentiating them from the rest of content of HDD

After customizing the folders with new icons or third-party themes are some icons that aren’t changed and which draw attention when you set desktop themes whose styling is very different from Windows: the libraries
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Customize folders icons in perpetual mode (manual)

Normally this title would not awake much interest because Windows provides this option, but the drawback has Windows in this regard is you can’t change of place both folder and icon…and if have in mind pendrives or external HDDs, better not to speak.

So I want folders that can be personalized with their own icons (not Windows) and I haven’t in mind to not move
folder or used icon because will lose the customization.

I got custom icons for folders perpetually, ie no matter where is folder the icon you put stays.

I make my own icons with a Photoshop template, but can also be download from any webpage.
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Personalize Windows. RocketDock

One of reasons lead users to use docks is to have quick access to programs without flooding desktop or quick shortcuts, another reason is to accompany an OS X Leopard desktop theme and dream you have got a Mac.

In the world of docks for Windows the most widely accepted is RocketDock, both by number of software downloads in servers and by opinions of users who have tried various docks. Therefore, it is other option I have chosen to “custom” my computer now I have passed seriously from XP PRO to x64 W7.

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