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How restore a mobile phone

After making the corresponding backups, do wipes and load the new ROM, is left restore our data so our little phone concentrate large part of our lives.

for now the backups/restores are limited only to most important: phonebook, SMS, call logs, calendar, etc, but later I’ll be adding more things, how to make backups with apps, use of determinated apps…

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Creating eBooks

Looking the future possibility to provide my posts in eBook format I search, collect and instructed in everything related with this format. Although in the end I have rejected it because some readers dont support images and they can explain more than many words, so I want to offer for those who want to create your own eBook or convert DOC, RTF or PDF to eBook format.

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Creación de eBooks

Mirando la posibilidad futura de ofrecer mis posts en formato eBook busque, recopile y me instruí en todo lo relacionado con este formato. Aunque al final lo he desechado porque algunos readers no soportan las imágenes y estas pueden explicar mas que las muchas palabras, por ello quiero ofrecerlo para aquellos que quieran crear sus propios eBook o convertir DOC, RTF o PDF al formato eBook.

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QR Codes

Until recently I didn’t know what were QR codes, knew that these images were related with something of mobiles and that did something. But as a result of seeing them in adverts lately I have investigate a little more, to create this post to show all information on this topic.

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