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Sync mobile files with computer with our WIFI

A while ago I did a post to make a backup of the phone, although it works sometimes you had to reconnect WnSPC restart the FTP server or mobile. Therefore I started another search to make a mirroring of contents of the mobile on computer with the same premises:

  • Transfer files wirelessly.
  • Without using cloud services, third-party online or any system with intermediaries. Resorting as maximum to the home network.

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I’ve done it again, even though I did it via computer with FTP, now I do it via mobile with SMB. And the truth with less troubles and more advantages.
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How restore a mobile phone

After making the corresponding backups, do wipes and load the new ROM, is left restore our data so our little phone concentrate large part of our lives.

for now the backups/restores are limited only to most important: phonebook, SMS, call logs, calendar, etc, but later I’ll be adding more things, how to make backups with apps, use of determinated apps…

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How to make a backup of mobile phone

Lately I’ve been testing several ROMs on my phone, and ROMs either stock or custom involve a series of wipes in which the contents of the phone is lost. This becomes very important when you do it with your main phone because contains your life: contacts, SMS, photos, etc, so it is very important to make backups of everything.

The ritual of backups I’ve learned from computing, based on goofs, formattings, etc… yep, in those days I was a padawan of technologies. So I’ve been researching and refining a way to make backups that can restore the phone without recourse to 1:1 copies of recovery, cloud services (sic NSA), branding solutions (eg. Kies, Companion) and, of course Google contacts.
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Erase Whatsapp (impossible) contacts

Sometimes as much as you follow the instructions there’re things that we don’t get turn out as we want, so this one is was one of them, contacts of phone linked to Whatsapp impossible to remove.

Make a review of your phonebook and decide to get rid of those that you no longer use…but, oh, surprise that contact(s) you want to get rid not let you to remove because is still linked to Whatsapp and most times no longer in Whatsapp.

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Apps. Spend less screen

This post is dedicated to a few apps that even being simple allow you save battery with the element which consume a lot of power: the screen. Personally I been able to spent of overall consumption of screen from 80% to 7%, they’re simple apps that surprise me when I talk with the around people and don’t met them and how they’re amazed when I tell them what they do.

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QR Codes

Until recently I didn’t know what were QR codes, knew that these images were related with something of mobiles and that did something. But as a result of seeing them in adverts lately I have investigate a little more, to create this post to show all information on this topic.

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