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Backup drives and partitions with Re-Do

You know that Windows isn’t exactly one of the most efficient OS, the proof is that meanwhile we install programs and passing the time this becomes slower. It’s therefore routine every so often format the computer to “make fly” back to Windows, but instead using a whole day do it in only 15 minutes.

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Sync Opera’s profiles (installed-portable)

What do you think if you could sync your Opera profile between installed and portable Opera?.

In practice you can transfer your history, extensions, configuration…from Opera you have installed from a portable Opera that you could use in any foreign computer and then all changes you would make can to reflect them on your computer, whether in the form of history, installed extensions or configuration thereof, etc….EVERYTHING.

In addition to increase greatly the security of our data not being in the cloud or on Opera Link, allows us to decide whether to make a copy or restoration, which never know with Opera Link.

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Clean (thoroughly) the Logitech MX5000 keyboard

I've always annoyed the amount of dirt that collects under the keys of keyboard that much wiggle it upside down is not released even half of bullshit. Always I disassembled keyboard for cleaning, but with the old one: a PS2 keyboard from unknown brand of cream color from my first computer a P166 MMX, but with the MX5000 the things changed, its not simple. Always I let pass this issue in case I break my "toy" at trying to disassemble, clean, or reassembly.

Yesterday I no more stand and began with it.
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Open ports router Thomson TCW710

Although put our programs and games in exceptions list of Windows firewall don't function as expected, this is because the Thomson router has got its own firewall, castrated ports, etc, to protect us from external threats. For P2P programs and games work properly you must open the appropriate ports or that you've configured in programs.

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Use Bluetooth with two devices


Windows has an unexpected limitation is that the Bluetooth stack was designed to have only one Bluetooth device (transmitter, receiver or both), at a time. This in practice make two problems:

  1. Desktop computer . Have a wireless keyboard/mouse and want use an USB Bluetooth adapter for transfer things to mobile.
  2. Laptop. The laptop has integrated Bluetooth and want use a wireless keyboard/mouse.

These two situations are the same problem: we have a receiver/transmitter and want to install another Bluetooth device, can install both, but have to choose which handle the Bluetooth stack.
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