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Download videos from RTVE (2018 method)

Although I haven’t written how to download videos for a long time -as I have since 2013- in response to a request to download videos from RTVE since the download method has changed, I’m making this update…also helps that I took only 5min to get it out.

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Descargar vídeos de RTVE (método 2018)

Aunque llevo muchísimo tiempo sin escribir como descargar vídeos -como desde 2013- atendiendo a una petición para descargar vídeos desde RTVE ya que ha cambiado el metido de descarga hago esta actualización…también ayuda que ha costado menos de 5min sacarla.

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How to trimming maps for Garmin GPS

Some reasons that may motivate us to want to trim our maps are:

  • Free up space for your GPS unit;
      You can increase space on your GPS unit by reducing the size of the maps to what you really need. So instead of using the Europe map (~4’5Gb) we can use the Spain map (~490Mb) which unequivocally occupies much less space.
  • Reduce the time to calculate the route;
      The time to calculate routes is also reduced by having to include fewer roads in the calculations. Here too we would reduce the famous “recalculation”, as we forced a new route calculation by going through a different one than the one we had already drawed.

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Como recortar mapas para GPS Garmin

Entre las razones que nos pueden llevar a querer recortar nuestros mapas están:

  • Liberar espacio a la unidad GPS;
      Se puede aumentar espacio en la unidad GPS reduciendo el tamaño de los mapas a lo que realmente necesitemos. Así en vez de utilizar el mapa de Europa (~4’5Gb) podemos utilizar el mapa de España (~490Mb) que inequívocamente ocupa muchísimo menos
  • Reducir el tiempo para calcular la ruta;
      El tiempo para calcular las rutas también se reduce al tener que incluir menos carreteras en los cálculos. Aquí también reduciríamos el famoso “recalculando”, ya que forzamos un nuevo calculo de ruta al ir por una diferente a la que ya habíamos trazado.

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Search files in Telegram

Since I’ve been with the Telegram channel for two years now, I’d like to take the opportunity to start giving you tips and tricks to use Telegram.

One of the reasons for using Telegram is the simplicity and immediacy of downloads, both for my side to publish them and for you to download them. With 184 published posts and 40 shared files I want to help you search more easily for downloadable files, as well as find a specific file such as a map.

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