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Hidden menus n’ tricks on Garmin GPS

The manuals aren’t complete and always leave things out of them, in this case it’s a collection hidden menus and easter-eggs that are out of eyesight of many people. Are things that we’ll not apply in the day to day but that we should take in mind: to change the GPS from MTP to massive storage, to check the reception, ect.

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Menús ocultos y trucos en GPS Garmin

Los manuales no son completos y siempre se dejan cosas fuera de ellos, en este caso se trata de una recopilación menús ocultos y easter-eggs que quedan fuera del alcance de muchas personas. Son cosas que no aplicaremos en el día a día pero que deberíamos tener en cuenta: cambiar el GPS de MTP a almacenamiento masivo, comprobar la recepción, ect.

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Sync mobile files with computer with our WIFI

A while ago I did a post to make a backup of the phone, although it works sometimes you had to reconnect WnSPC restart the FTP server or mobile. Therefore I started another search to make a mirroring of contents of the mobile on computer with the same premises:

  • Transfer files wirelessly.
  • Without using cloud services, third-party online or any system with intermediaries. Resorting as maximum to the home network.

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I’ve done it again, even though I did it via computer with FTP, now I do it via mobile with SMB. And the truth with less troubles and more advantages.
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