About me

This is my blog “The padawan’s corner” in which from time to time I’ll publish posts about tech, computers, internet, GPS…any thing that I’ve had a problem and I think are worth sharing with the other, always in first person not as other bloggers at reproduce other people’s posts making them yours. Avatar

Sex: Male

Licencia de Creative Commons

I’m passionate about:
Computers, IT, Garmin GPS, Android, tech.

I don’t like:
Politicians, corruption, estupidity in leadership…like our president Mariano Rajoy and his people.

Hardware I use:
Intel QuadCore computer, Xperia Z, SGY-S6310N, Wii and NDSLite.

Music I listen to:
Rock, pop-rock, alternative … and overall anything but reggaeton, David Civera, Ricky Martin, etc…

At the movies I like to see:
Sci-Fi, adventure, action, disasters…

I want my coffee..:
White coffee, hot but not burn

Food I like:
Spaghetti, hamburger or steak with chips, acid apples…


4 pensamientos en “About me

  1. Chuo Raschiery

    Amigo, He visto en youtube que algunas personas hacen arrancar desde su SD en equipos Pioneer de Pantalla, el software de garmin GPS. en dicha página no explican nada como lo hacen. Lo único que he podido averiguar es que en la sd instalam Garmin XT y les colocan los mapas del pais que quieren, pero hasta ahi no he ssbaido mas.- Quisiera saber si sabes como hacerlo y que los mapas aparezcan en la pantalla de mi car audio DVD Pioneer. Muchas Gracias.



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