Transfer locations from GoogleMaps to Garmin GPS (2016+)

Whoever remember how easy was to transfer POIs from GoogleMaps to a Garmin GPS?, as simple as clicking on “Send” However rivaling with GoogleMaps Android they removed any option to send POIs, the Google’s slogan “Do not be evil” becomes “to I’m the Devil” .

I have a system to transfer the locations, it’s rudimentary but works, and in fact I use it to collect the POIs from for my trips.

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  1. Let’s go to GoogleMaps .
  2. Look for our locations in search box.
  3. The location that gives us surely be reviewed, these coordinates may not always are accurate, and even if it’s will mark the center of building, attractions park, etc.

    But we don’t want that, but rather the gateway from road, parking, etc. Therefore it’s preferable that we mark the locations.

  4. Once marked will appear below a StreetView picture and coordinates.The coordinates are our interest.
  5. On the GPS let’s go to “Where to; Coordinates” but before typing them will verify the format of the coordinates. The easier format that avoid mistakes is ‘Decimal Degrees’ which also give us GoogleMaps.
  6. Typing the coordinates.

    The locations above the Earth’s Ecuador is North {N} and below South {S}, which are to left of Greenwich is West {W} and right East {E}.

    The GPS has a decimal less so sometimes have to round the coordinates, nonnetheless keep the accuracy of the location.

  7. Click on “View on map” to check that’s in right location. If is wrong maybe you exchanged North/South and/or West/East, take care with that.
  8. Repeat from point 2 with as many times as locations you have to look for.

Already have all our locations! Happy trip!


* Available english subtitles *


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