Customize folders icons in perpetual mode (FolderICO)

I already made a post to customize folders in perpetual mode, ie folders keep the customization of icons even they moving and change location because Windows is a nuisance because he uses absolute paths, and if we talk about flash drives or external hard drives… ahem.

As result of consultation from a follower to customize a large amount of folders in a less tedious way I found a program that does exactly the same: perpetual icon, using relative path in desktop.ini and the icon used as hidden file.
FolderICO icon

The program is called FolderICO, the conjunction of Folder and ICO (extension of Windows icons and have the choice to use the installable or portable version.

  1. Dowload FolderICO and run.
  2. Click on Language1 buttom, make double-click in Español2(or your language) and when appears in bold Restart program to apply the new language3(in chosen language), close and run program again.
  3. Now is time to choose the folder we want to customize4
  4. Choose the icons we want to set on folder5, which may well be a single icon or one we’ve in icon libraries.
    Take in mind the size difference of displayed icon when choose an individual icon regarding to library icons. To add icons libraries are downloadable here.
  5. Push on “Apply”. In case to customize more folders come to 3rd step many time as requiered.
  6. Click on “Close”.


* Available english subtitles *



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