Erase Whatsapp (impossible) contacts

Sometimes as much as you follow the instructions there’re things that we don’t get turn out as we want, so this one is was one of them, contacts of phone linked to Whatsapp impossible to remove.

Make a review of your phonebook and decide to get rid of those that you no longer use…but, oh, surprise that contact(s) you want to get rid not let you to remove because is still linked to Whatsapp and most times no longer in Whatsapp.

Well it’s done!!

After be with this problem for some time and flashs ago, when I introduced Whatsapp contacts on phonebook for 2nd hand sales for have a reference of seller, once the sale is done, is time to erase. From the phonebook doesn’t let you erase and with Whatsapp updating at the end disappears, but the phonebook…

The issue is that you introduce a contact on the phonebook and if he has got Whatsapp is synchronized with it theoretically once you remove it, it just disappears from the phonebook and therefore Whatsapp too, but still linked on the phonebook.

  1. Disable the automatic sync, data traffic and WIFI 
      Avoid that at erasing phonebook contacts also remove them on Whatsapp, Telegram… in the process.
  2. Make backup contacts
      Not necessary to clarify what is and what for.

  3. Erase all contacts
      When erase all contacts also remove all links with Whatsapp, especially those that non allow erase them.
  4. Restore the contacts with bakcup.
      The contacts will be the same but WITHOUT links with any app, so will no longer there be more obstacles.

  5. Erase the “persistent” contacts.
  6. Back to previous settings and brush up the phonebook 
      Depends on the settings that has each with regarding to automatic sync, data traffic and WIFI.

For me it works, I hope for you too.


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