Apps. Spend less screen

This post is dedicated to a few apps that even being simple allow you save battery with the element which consume a lot of power: the screen. Personally I been able to spent of overall consumption of screen from 80% to 7%, they’re simple apps that surprise me when I talk with the around people and don’t met them and how they’re amazed when I tell them what they do.

TurnOff Screen

The first comes by SGY (S6310N) that, like many phones- the turn on/off the screen is done throught of a button, for the sake of the life of this button can turn off the screen by pressing a circle that can placed anywhere on the screen or a shortcut on our homescreen avoid using the button since to be a mechanical element has a lifespan X.

So probably increase twice the life of our button so from using it twice (turn on and off the screen), we have to click once to turn on the screen, using the shortcut to turn off.

Should look how is uninstalled since it’s not in the usual way.
Requires approval in Device Manager.

TurnOff screen in GooglePlay

Auto Screen On-Off

This goes a step further, because will turn on and off the screen when phone is used according we open and close the cover.The app uses light and proximity sensors for this, so detects when the cover covering the sensors and turn off the screen, and when you open the cover the sensors would detect this light reaching them and turn on the screen. You can set the delays, both turn on and off.

This avoid us turn on and off manually the screen…but also has some shadows -never better said- since to put the hand over the sensor or create a shadow over them the screen will turn off annoying us a bit. Requires some practice to not create them and turn off the screen accidentally.

While some phones may not work properly but it is due to the sensors, the SGY not detect the cover when this is closed completly . Everything is to try.

Again required to approve the app in Device Manager.
Auto Screen On/Off in GooglePlay


It is a lockscreen that allows us to access certain functions without unlocking the terminal, the options are five: camera apps, calls, messaging apps, custom apps and unlock device. Depending the category are limited the number of items or apps that you can set, but actually can put any app or phone features.

Has options to include in the lockscreen, clock, battery and date widgets, plugins for FB, GMail, YT, RSS, TW, weather, Flicker, Image Gallery, etc. Also security (PIN, pattern, etc) aside from the native Android.

Start in GooglePlay

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