New downloads system

I’ll improve the current system of downloads (although I hoped to make it better) for it I’ll take away the mirrors of GoogleDrive which is the server that imposes quotas downloads in favor of Mega which in principle has no limitations. I’ll able to manage links may redirect them to other files (update them) without touching the links on blog, also automatically is created a DLC container and Click’n’Load choice to load the container automatically whenever JDownloader is running.

The links will be updated progressively to adapt to new method, so for a while yet the previous links are valid. If you have a problem or broken link let me know and I’ll solve it.

The system continues operating with JDownloader, but attention, doesn’t work with JDownloader 2 beta: No detects Mega’s links. I want to also note that the JDownloader’s staff is delaying much the move from beta to stable version.


The links go inside a box with your link corresponding password with which is protected and a link corresponding to this help to downloading.

Downloading would proceed as follows:

  1. Click on link of box, will go us to a page where have to type the password1 and click on Open folder2.
  2. Once typed correctly the password will have two download choices:
    DLC3 Will be forced to download a DLC container that later we’ll open with the command Links; Add; Load container or with [Ctrl]+[O]
    Click’n’Load4 Must to have Jdownloader opened, before click here, but automacally will load the container with the links.

    Besides we’ve the option to share the link5 and send it by email6.

That’s all, if there’re changes I’ll report as usual.

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