DIY Transport box

I have this post in mind long time ago and would not normally publish these posts since from the beginning I focused blog to manuals and videotutorials on internet, computer, technology, etc. But given the direction that life is taking and its impact seems wise to include topics such as DIY, other ideas and tricks for day to day just as I have done with technology, although not being so “elegant”.


This problem in particular came me with shopping, I finished with 4, 5 or 6 bags to unload in car I had to make two trips because can’t with many bags and so much weight. Also some delicate things tend to deteriorate to catch/let bags (ex.yogurts, fruit, etc.) also the bags by trip slide across the trunk scattering their contents. When started to charging by the bags became more vital to find a solution.

The solution was a box, but I didm’t want to pay by foldable plastic one and I haven’t got tools for woodworking, so should to be cardboard, but should not be normal cardboard and I had to support the weight of shopping and support a minimum of wetness (frozen, cold products…). Over time I found a cardboard with these characteristics: My child’s diapers box.
Unmodified box

The box of diapers is from a thicker card board than normal with plasticized outer -cool for wetness topic- for make possible the outer graphics, also the need to buy diapers regularly I would supply of boxes more than enough.


Insulation tape 40mm width Cutter or knife


  1. Reinforce the structure of box in an area where a handle is taken out (a inner plastic strip) for transporting the box, is delimited in yellow and this is precut. You have to cover that area with tape WITHOUT take out the handle because the box will stay weakened in that area despite the tape.
  2. Handle area to reinforce Fitting tape reinforcement
  3. Although is a thick cardboard and resistant than normal I wanted to reinforce the box, especially handles because these hold out the full weight and if broken will not be a comfortable transport. To reinforce the box you have to put another layer of cardboard so there’s nothing easier than put inside the box flaps and stick these with industrial insulation tape of 4cm width.
  4. Folded flaps inwardly Detalle pegado de cinta
  5. Sometimes when putting the flaps inward left very tense getting to unstick the insulating tape trying to return to original position. If the flaps are very tense must to make an incision on edge of the flap to reduce this tension, covering the cut with insulating tape.
  6. Cut tense flaps

  7. For the handles depend by the hands, the way of catch the box and comfort of each one. Only, after cutting the handles put insulation tape on top of them to prevent breakage by the use or sweat, or prevent friction or cuts.

  8. Although the measures would depend on individual taste, I leave you my template’s measures if you’re a bit lost. After 2 or 3 boxes and will have clearer measures.
  9. Only remains to reinforcing the bottom of the box with 2 or 3 pieces of tape to support the extra weight of shopping for which haven’t been designed.

Base reinforcement

Well, we have our box to transport the shopping more comfortable and more safely.

Though apart the shopping can be used for other tasks: Picking up toys, appliances, ordering storeroom, etc, can be applied to a lot of things.

Even I have other designs but I have to polish them and “standardize” the manuals so that can to be done by anyone.


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