Garmin maps

This post unifies all Garmin maps and information about these, any change/update on these or info will be updated here and linked from the various posts that have references to Garmin maps.

Types and map names

gmapbmap.img Basemap. It’s not is a map properly speaking with roadways and other details, but it’s an overview when is used a wide zoom out. Is preferable not erase because can be needed it to show a long route. Is preferable not erase it because can need to display a long route
gmapprom.img It’s the map that comes preinstalled on GPS, so this file will no work on SD card.
gmapsupp.img Additional map that can be loaded on GPS, this one can be found on websites.
gmapoem.img Active map always, can’t uncheck from maps list.
UNL files Files with unlock codes for the maps.

There is ability to add more maps, but usually I don’t use many maps at same time so I did not ventured beyond. The maps names to being considered are: gmapsup2.img, gmapsup3.img, gmapprom1.img, etc, and is usually important if are present on device or SD card. If you’re interested send me an email (its on my profile) and I’ll pass you the links.

Available maps

Garmin wants to completely change their devices and their files, especially, a new system -for devices after 2014- for which are only allowed downloaded maps with digital signature from Garmin’s servers.Depending on the model just have to add a file or flash a modified firmware:

Full compatible devices with NTU maps: (PDF)

Iberia NTU 2017.30 UNLOCKED
Pass: obiwan2208
How to download?
Europe NTU 2017.30 UNLOCKED
Pass: obiwan2208
How to download?
NTU Europe 2017.30 JVCs + Addit
Pass: obiwan2208
How to download?

As I offered for first time NTU maps some older devices may have problems with address search, although the maps are displayed correctly. It’s a pain that the NT amps not be updated at same speed and same periodicity.

Iberia NT 2017.10 UNLOCKED
Pass: obiwan2208
How to download?
Europe NT 2017.10 UNLOCKED + Addit.
Pass: obiwan2208
How to download?


Other maps?

  • Proyecto Mapear :
    They have maps of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, marine charts, routes, tracks, etc. Is required login…but if you need it worthwhile.
  • OSM maps in Garmin format:
    Maps anywhere in the world, frequently updated. You can download provinces, countries, continents. Think yourselves that the maps are made by volunteers: will be more precise in populated areas; in setoff will have cycle routes, alternative walkways, with pedestrian focus but routable..
  • GPS Power:
    Available Garmin maps of all countries, routable, topos, marine, cityexplorer, firmwares, modding, speedcams, etc. Is requiered logon and -sometimes- give thanks in posts to show links.


Where’re the maps?

The maps are only in two locations :\.System that is a hidden folder and :\Map used by newer devices. To “see” the folder .System there’re two ways:

  • The normal one. On Windows Explorer execute the command Tools; Folder options tab View and check Show files, folder and hidden drives.
  • Cut the bone. On Windows Explorer go to GPS device (e.g. K:\) and on address bar add “.System” (K:\.system) and press [Enter].


Update an existing map.

To update the maps just to replace the existing one (a .IMG file) by the new one: a copy-paste, paying attention to not delete or overwrite gmapbmap.img, the base map.

With one map is easy, delete the existing one and put the new one (gmapprom.img or gmapsupp.img), in case that have another name type the old name. Turn on GPS and it’s done. In case having two or more maps can use PGFT to know which map is each.

For this go to Protected IMG File tab, push on File and on Mapset will display the map title. Also must to keep the name of previus file. Once transferred the maps, turn on GPS and it’s done.

PGFT (x84-x64)
Pass: obiwan2208
How to download?

Remember that must to have specified names, otherwise the maps will not appear. look the headland Maps names.

Add a map.

To add a second map have to make a difference between the main map gmappprom.img and the secundary gmapsupp.img, so would name the maps according with this. This would be the internal memory, since in µSD card only can put a single map gmapsupp.img.


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