Disable UAC for a specific program

One of the most annoying annoyances in Windows is the UAC, of course the UAC is to protect us if a “unauthorized” program tries to make changes in our computer, hence although tortures must NOT to disable UAC.

This becomes especially tedious if daily use programs that requires an uprising of privileges level and therefore make jump the UAC to grant these privileges. But, how to do for don’t disturb us with the UAC with a specific program that we use in “day to day” and we know that does not compromise the security of computer?

Fortunately there is a simple trick that allows to run a program/executable with admin level without the UAC disturb us with any message.


Some time ago that I walked behind of this since I use the dock of RocketDock and when used with StarDocklet docklet require privileges, as I want to run RocketDock at Windows startup and I can’t give him until Windows has started and manually. This is was my problem, but can be applied to anything else, like Registry Editor, defragmenter, etc…

The solution works by creating a scheduled task to run an app in Admin mode, and then create a shortcut who calls the scheduled task to run the application. Yeah … sounds a bit far-fetched, but really it’s not…it’s easier than the method I’ve used before, without having to install a Microsoft tool oriented rather to developers.

Create a scheduled task

Open the Task Scheduler through the start menu, the easiest way -because nobody uses usually- is done through the search box of menu typing “Task”, and will appear the scheduler.

Once started, on the right side click on “Create task”:

  • You have to give a short name, as simple as possible, preferably without spaces.
  • Check the box “Run with highest privileges” (very important).
  • On actions tab click on New, as “Action” select Run app and select it with the explore buttom and Acept.

  • With the right button click on the task we have created and select Run to check that our app starts as we expect.
  • Only remains close the Task Scheduler and remember the name used for the task.

If you want to run something nothing else turn on the computer apart that is done until now must to go to “Triggers” tab, select Login, your credentials and the box “Enable” checked. And you would not have to create a shortcut as described below to place it in “Start Menu, Start”.

Create the shortcut for task

Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select New, Shortcut.

Add the command to run the scheduled task: schtasks /run /tn “TASKNAME”.

As example for RocketDock would be: schtasks /run /tn “RunRD”, where RunRD would be the task name.

If we have created the task within of folder in Task Scheduler Library should also placed the shortcut, if we have placed the task of RocketDock (“RunRD”) in “My Programs” folder the command of shortcut will be:
schtasks /run /tn “My programs\RunRD”.

Give a descriptive name to the shortcut and you’ve got a shortcut without jumping the UAC.

But we can adjust it a little more…accessing at shortcut properties you can change the droplist “Run” to Minimized (to hide the command console), and then change the icon, usually with the application that we gave “free way” to the UAC with the Task Scheduler.

Now is a pleasure run applications without the irritating UAC.



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