The JDownloader’s boxes

JDownloader is a nice download manager for many servers of files downloads (Mega, Rapidshare, DepositFiles, etc.) that allows us to automate the downloads without us having to be aware of waiting times and captchas. This program have the feature of save the list of download links on file with password option, the interesting thing is that once the saved container-either with or without password- is not possible to see the original link.

This is important because allows us to keep safe our links without eliminate our uploads and knock down our accounts by copyrights, Sinde law, etc..

  1. The first would to have JDownloader -either installed or portable– and Java installed. The boxes for download I have in the blog are like the image.

    JDownloader 2 beta can’t load directly DLC, because is better use CNL.

    The links go inside a box with your link corresponding password with which is protected and a link corresponding to this help to downloading.

    Downloading would proceed as follows:

    1. Click on link of box, will go us to a page where have to type the password1 and click on Open folder2.
    2. Once typed correctly the password will have two download choices:
      DLC3 Will be forced to download a DLC container that later we’ll open with the command Links; Add; Load container or with [Ctrl]+[O]
      Click’n’Load4 Must to have Jdownloader opened, before click here, but automacally will load the container with the links.

      Besides we’ve the option to share the link5 and send it by email6.

    That’s all, if there’re changes I’ll report as usual.

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