Download videos ‘on live’ with CooJah

This post is for download videos “on live” with live broadcasts on RTMP protocol using the CooJah program.

The program installs a sniffer to capture all network resources requested by the computer so the hardest resources are easily found. It’s like DragonFly debugging tool of Opera, but supporting RTMP.


  1. Go to Coojah official page and download it.
    Download Pass:obiwan2208
    Disable popups blocking * How to download?
  2. Run setup…be in chinese, but as installers are similar from each other, there will not be problems.
  3. Accept the EULA 1.
  4. And in all steps press “Next” 2, we finally run the program and one visit to his site.


  1. Run Coojah.

  2. If on trying to run Coojah jumps a warning about problems to install/uninstall the sniffer is requiered run Coojah as Admin
  3. With Tools; Settings command, in Sniffer Settings tab
    check out the programs we want to control (adding it if it’s necessary) or all traffic are pass through our network connection.
  4. If resources are detected, clean all the windows with the command File; Clear all pages.
  5. For start the detection must click on buttom PLAY and REC, or mark the commands Operation; Start and Operation; RTMP record.
  6. Pass to browser and visit the page with “on live” video and play it.
  7. Just program detects the RTMP stream will start to save, and warn us with a info balloon
  8. When thinking appropiate stop the recording by pressing STOP, close program and close the video page.

If use Opera is requiered run the browser as Admin, because otherwise nothing else launch the browser will closed unexpectedly because of sniffer that CooJah uses to detect network resources.

Running Opera as Admin, can be used Opera as usual.

Sometimes the file keeps both the size as video length to zero, although it can be played, but with the exception that you can’t jump to another point of playing. If this happens there is no choice to use a converter and so be normal video file.

Download Coojah Report broken links to my email (is on my profile).




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