Revolt cover I don’t usually write about games and I’m not a gamer, but this game has made me have a funny time. It’s an addictive game for those who like driving games, only instead of being the typical game like NFS is a RC cars in the real world that is huge.In principle has a children’s look, but according you accomplish circuits and championships becomes more technical in that rushes each curve and where mistakes are paid with one or more positions on the leaderboard.

Now that I have a little time I’ve installed it for tune out taking a few games.

A bit more of data in ikipedia.

As many others in trying to play this game again we found a bad surprise, give errors in Win7: Can’t flip display buffers and from there nothing to be done.

John Pyost already found the solution in 2010 by applying a patch, a modifier and with support in W98 for the executable. The game keeps all his original features.

The somersault is that looking things about Revolt I found a released of an OFFICIAL update, allowing among other things, the format 16:9 (widescreen), increased speed, rearview mirror, etc, correcting many bugs and errors. Among all the new developments the one downside is you need to make an elevation of privileges to run.

16:9 format

Rearview mirror

Boxes for custom cars

For those who like much Revolt still remain pages and forums to get cars and custom tracks user-created. Here you’ve some examples of two cars and two custom circuits, apart from some links, but as sometimes I remind to my followersoogle is your friend.

Car Tracks

Shelby GT500 “Eleanor


Lamborghini Gallardo


Images from Revolt Zone Tracks


Revolt Wikipedia
Official update
Foro Revolt
Revolt Zone Tracks
Revolt Zone
RV Live
Our Revolt Pub

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