Download videos with Coojah

The program installs a sniffer that captures all network resources requested by the computer and difficult resources are easily downloadable. It's like debugging tool Dragonfly from Opera, just that one step further in detection.


  1. Go to page of Coojah (discontinued!)( and download it.
  • We start the installation…will be in chinese, but as the installers are traced from each other, there will be not problems.
  • Accept the EULA1.
  • And at every steps, click Next2, finally program will run and will make a visit to his site.
  • Capture

    1. Run Coojah.

    2. If when you trying to run CooJah jumps a notice about problems to install/uninstall the sniffer you have to run Coojah as Admin
    3. With command Tools; Settings, in Sniffer Settings tab check the programs to be monitored (adding if necessary) or all traffic passing through our network connection.
    4. If there are resources detected, clean all the windows with File; Clear all pages command and pass to browser.
    5. With the browser visiting the page, play the videos normally and stop playback.
    6. Going to Coojah again, click Video tab, select the video you want and with right click of mouse select Download by Blander.
    7. In window that will appears you can change the location where the file will be download and the chance to change the file name.

    And so repeat the process from step 3 with all the videos you want to have got.

    If using Opera have to run browser as Admin, otherwise just launching browser will closed unexpectedly because of sniffer is used by Coojah to detect network resources.

    Running Opera as Admin can be used Opera normally.

    To uninstall CooJah has no more mysteries than installation. Must go to Control Panel; Uninstall program (programs) and double-click to start the Coojah’s uninstaller. Between the three options are displayed choose the last, recycled-bin, confirm our choice by pressing Yes (left button) and will uninstall.

    Download Coojah