Clean (thoroughly) the Logitech MX5000 keyboard

I've always annoyed the amount of dirt that collects under the keys of keyboard that much wiggle it upside down is not released even half of bullshit. Always I disassembled keyboard for cleaning, but with the old one: a PS2 keyboard from unknown brand of cream color from my first computer a P166 MMX, but with the MX5000 the things changed, its not simple. Always I let pass this issue in case I break my "toy" at trying to disassemble, clean, or reassembly.

Yesterday I no more stand and began with it.


  • Phillips screwdriver. Serve up the lifelong screwdrivers, although you can use precision screwdrivers so interior screws are small, you can also use electric screwdrivers, but with caution because the power of this can over-rev the screw or crack the piece.
  • Tweezers. Tweezers are from electronic and are used to dislodge keys from mounting.
  • Some kind of knife or hard plastic. To remove dirt that can be embedded, each one searching for his "arsenal" in the desk drawer, tool box, in kitchen…


  • Take photos of keyboard and for then know where the keys are placed or search in internet pictures from keyboard with hi-res.
  • Use small containers to keep screws and not miss any.
  • Use a container to store/clean keys and not miss any.


  1. Turn off keyboard.
  2. Put it upside down and take off batteries.
  3. With a Phillips screwdriver remove the 20 black screws. Special mention to the two screws under the stickers, only visible for a little incisions in form of "X" to can remove screws.
  4. Carefully separate the two sides as they will be interconnected by two plastic connectors with copper tracks.
  5. Dont try to remove connectors: there are not. Plastics with the copper tracks come from top and are connected to the bottom of the keyboard to a printed circuit. Although it seems is a connector its not, you have to hold copper tracks over seems a connector and directly pull. Copper track will come out by itself, and repeat operation with the other track.
  6. Set aside the bottom of keyboard, the piece with printed circuit to work more freely.
  7. From the top remains to separate the plate face, so we twirl face down the top board and started to remove almost all nickel-plated screws. I say almost because in principle it would not need to remove the screws from the top buttons because they dont accumulate as much dirt as the rest of keyboard, these are those relating to: digital library, sync, email, status, webcam…
  8. Once removed we turn keyboard -face up- and on left side where is the separation between the volume control and the rest of keyboard pull a bit of it to take out a small tab.
  9. Carefully, we go to remove the plate face, this is easily removed less in display area so inward press to release the tabs that retain it.
  10. If you going to wet top board must to remove the copper track of black plastic for display buttons.
  11. Just remains remove the keys, so we will use the tweezers. With the board upside down with tweezers do press on small tabs inside the key and pull down to remove. We do this in all keys.


For cleaning can be used a brush, swab moistened, alcohol common, "fairy"…in my case I placed everything into bathtub, the keys store them in a container that let stand with a few "fairy" and warm water. The top board should pass a deep review because although the water carries most of dirt -in a way that you cant imagine-, there are always incrusted remains. So review it with cotton swab and old clothes soaked in alcohol.

If you are a handyman can try to remove plastic parts for most larger keys of keyboard: enter, space, uppercase…to more thoroughly clean the space underneath the keys. These plastic parts are delicate so you should not force them.

Empty the water container where are the keys, carefully revise them both in cleaning and not to leave the water to avoid affecting electronic of keyboard.

Cleaned up leave to dry the water both on board and in keys before mounting them. I speed up the drying with the dryer, but disadvise this method because you have to be careful and always know how many temperature receive the parts because an excessive heat will deform the plastic parts and that has not remedy.


The assembly of all parts is roughly equal to the disassembly, but in reverse, following all steps.

  1. Mount keys taking special care to position of them. First mount unequivocal keys: Tab, Enter, Ctrl (care between left and right), Start, etc. Distinguish between normal and keypad numbers, leave the symbols the last to mount and previse the position of the crosstree before placing cursors.

    Must also not be confused with the keys, the "N" with "Z","I" with "- " (less sign on numeric keypad), for this you must recognize the shape of keys. For example, your contour because this is not equal on all sides and by the top surface so is not flat but curved, it helps not to confuse the keys that I spoken recently.

  2. Carefully pass the copper tracks through the holes without moving the black tracks. Once done press the plate face to secure the sideburns that has got the display, leaving the tab where is volume control and put it the last.
  3. Put nickel screws to fix plate face looking carefully at the position of these as there are holes corresponding to black screws.
  4. Tilt the lower and upper board about 160° for more easily insert the copper tracks to the printed circuit, the large copper track is inserted with white ledge on right, and the small copper tracks has no more mystery. Insert them carefully placing fingers as near to their extremes as possible of copper tracks.
  5. Review the white mantle of keyboard is well placed by matching all their holes in the protrusions and put together both boards for screwing with black screws.
  6. Put the batteries, the cover of these, place the keyboard and turn on.

To verify that all keys work we can use Word and by the display messages for configurable keys and function keys.



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