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One of reasons lead users to use docks is to have quick access to programs without flooding desktop or quick shortcuts, another reason is to accompany an OS X Leopard desktop theme and dream you have got a Mac.

In the world of docks for Windows the most widely accepted is RocketDock, both by number of software downloads in servers and by opinions of users who have tried various docks. Therefore, it is other option I have chosen to “custom” my computer now I have passed seriously from XP PRO to x64 W7.

OS X Leopard dock.


A dock is a graphical user interface element that typically provides the user with a way of launching, switching between, and monitoring running programs or apps.

The dock implementations are included in Apple Macintosh OS (versions from Mac OS X 10.0 onwards) is the shortcut bar, very similar to used in KDE environment. It is divided into two zones:

  • Where you place your favorite apps, the Finder icon and the Dashboard.
  • Where are app folders, docs and the Recycle Bin. In this part of dock can place any files for quick access, while in first part you can only drop apps. Here we can find icons of minimized windows.

There are also numerous free alternatives for Windows environments such as RocketDock, ObjectDock, XWindows Dock, Y’z Dock, RK Launcher, etc.

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RocketDock is a software designed for Windows 2000 or higher, providing a taskbar similar to that enjoyed by users of Apple Inc OS. Is a freeware program created by Punk Software. Displays shortcuts to programs and thumbnails of minimized windows Mac OS X style and animated thumbnails on Windows Vista.


  • Minimize windows to the dock
  • Real-time window previews in Vista
  • Running application indicators
  • Simple drag-n-drop interface
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Supports alpha-blended PNG and ICO icons
  • Icons zoom and transition smoothly
  • Auto-hide and Popup on mouse over
  • Positioning and layering options
  • Fully customizable
  • Completely Portable
  • ObjectDock Docklet support
  • Compatible with MobyDock, ObjectDock, RK Launcher, and Y’z Dock skins
  • Runs great on slower computers
  • Unicode compliant
  • Supports many languages and can easily be translated

Minimum requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  • 500Mhz or faster CPU.
  • 10MB RAM memory free.


Operating RocketDock.


  1. Go to downloads section of official site.
  2. Run the installer and follow the installation wizard.
  3. Run program using desktop shortcut or Start Menu.


We can set anything of RocketDock, can be placed up, down, left, right, the separation of dock respect of screen border, popup, opacity adjust, effects with mouse over, hide automatically, adjust time delay of appearance/disappearance, style dock (skins), etc.

Then we can further customize downloading new skins or themes to modify dock background, besides the 30 that come with program, new icons for programs all styles: glass, vista, mac…

Sample of new icons Sample of program skins

The docklets add more features than RocketDock already have got, are mini-programs that run within RocketDock and gadgets are like W7, which I like most is the StackDocklet that allows to display multiple items by clicking on an icon of dock Mac style, allowing to have access to many elements from dock without extending the length of dock. In picture are the two possible configurations: stacked and grouped:

If with StackDocklet jumps the UAC and appear error messages isn’t needed run RocketDock as Admin for not have problems. The solution is very simple: just give yourself writing permissions at INI file which is saved the customization of StackDocklet bar:
C:\Archivos de programa (x86)\RocketDock\Docklets\Setttings.INI

Then close RocketDock and go to the .INI file properties, tab “Security”, buttom “Edit”, select your user profile -Administrator or Standard user, and check “Full Control” (or as minimum “Write”) . OK everything and run RocketDock.

These are other docklets:

Analog/digital watches “Remove hardware” Weather Actions of power/sessions

Download customizations

RocketDock Official site


For they get or want to know a little more about RocketDock I leave the official manual for you take a look.
Online manual


RocketDock qualities in action.



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