Install Garmin MAPSOURCE

One of the drawbacks of Garmin MapSource is request us a previous version that you don't know where get it, there are ways to do with an additional software installation that usually I finish to don't use it.

Therefore I search to have MapSource without install anything more, I struggled, but can do it, is same system for install WMP11 without validating Windows.

If you try to install MapSource directly, this is what you get:


  1. No need to appeal to eMule or DD (Mega, RapidShare…), here we go straight to source: GARMIN.
  2. We seek download link, it's the heaviest file (~57Mb) so link aboveis a patch for US TOPO map

    Nothing else clicked on will download file to us, we must to SAVE it, no open, is important.

  3. Right-click on .EXE and select the option "Extract to filename" (eg "Extract in MapSource_6163"), since it's faster and cleaner option of all. Will create a subdirectory with name of file that you downloaded (without extension).

    I will ignore you must have installed WinRAR for this, if not, don't expect to extract files.

  4. From files that have been copied into new subdirectory we seek msmain.MSI to execute

    Will appears a window as when starts an installation, just few seconds wait and it will disappears because will not show any window or message.

  5. Execute setup.EXE and follow steps of installation wizard…that now pass to next window and leaves us accept the EULA. After have been copied files of MapSource can check the box to run it.
  6. And we can manage waypoints, routes and tracks from and to GPS…and many more things, but may you will tinkering with program.


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2 pensamientos en “Install Garmin MAPSOURCE

  1. obiwan2208

    Originally posted by Marin:

    …I've bought the second hand GPS without CD…

    I've got two GPS and none of two come with CD/DVD (at least here in Spain), so dont pick up a trauma :happy:. For rest of the things can look my blog and if you have any question use the corresponding post. or my email (About section).I'm glad for having you removed the doubts/problems. 🙂

    Me gusta



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