Compiling several DVDs into one with ConvertXtoDVD

Sometime, hath not happened you wanted gather several film DVD into one, such as trilogies or compilations of your favorite movies? With a little trick you can, besides keeping the audio and subtitles.

In principle ConvertXtoDVD is mainly used to convert videos in any format to DVD, but with this little trick you can get several DVDs into just one while maintaining quality, audio, subtitles, etc, and everything on one pass. 😀

The first is obtain the movies, it does not matter as are they:

  • DVD5/DVD9: If is in DVD5 (DVD±R) just copy the DVD to the hard disk “bareback”, if is in DVD9 (original or rent) must copy them to hard disk, but relying on the AnyDVD to bypass copy protection.
  • ISO image (or other): Image files (ISO, NRG …) is must extract its contents, for extract the image’s files you have to use programs such as UltraISO, IsoBuster, etc.

Make sure if is enough space on HD to content of DVDs you want to copy besides 5Gb for final compilation of DVD.

In this post I used the example of Spiderman trilogy, as you can use any other or a personal repertory.

After copying the DVDs start the class… 😛

  1. To avoid confusion, will remove files is not needed, which is any file other not be the main movie: advertisements, extras, trailers…

    So open Windows Explorer, sorting files by name in ascending order, either with command “View, Arrange Icons; Name” or by clicking on the title of the column “Name” leaving the up arrow.

  2. You look at on largest files, these are multiple files of 1Gb, now look at the file names and see that after the “VTS” the first number is the same. In this example would be VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, VTS_01_3.VOB…you look at there is a pattern in the beginning of files: “VTS_01”.
  3. Select files are begin with “VTS_01” no matter what is behind including extensions and these are the files we need, to remove the rest use the command “Edit, Invert Selection”, so files that are not needed are selected and we will delete them.
  4. Once deleted unnecessary files from DVD movies just add them to ConvertXtoDVD, but not in usual way because are parties.

    We use the little trick to add ONLY the IFO file of each film, as we have removed unnecessary files from DVD only should have one per movie. With IFO file ConvertXtoDVD will have references of audio streams and subtitles, recreating the entire film without adding anything else.



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